Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Has Arrived In My Neighborhood

A View
of My Neighborhood

Yesterday I took a walk with my camera in hand and took pictures of the world going on outside the walls of my house. A walk to the park which was alive with activity; ducks, pigeons, beavers, turtles, rabbits and even a couple of snakes sunbathing on the warm rocks. I caught a shot of the water rushing across the rocks and the water drops in the picture seem to be in still motion. A bug happily crawling on the pear blossoms in my yard, my beautiful purple Hyacinths beginning to bloom in vivid colors from blue to purple. The Bluebird who has returned again this year to claim the birdhouse in our backyard. The little purple wild pansies and the clover with honey bees already busy gathering pollen. I made a mosaic of all the gifts of Mother Nature from her busy world that goes on around me every day. We can enjoy all of it if we just take the time to look.